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My thoughts on shit that interests me right now

Posted by vakodraws - December 12th, 2019

I think the reason the Yugioh animes are so trashy right now is because the lost their charm of the realistic setting. I think moving the series in a futuristic setting killed the entire feel of it. When yugioh started out it was just a bunch of friends playing cards, in a normal city in a normal school. The supernatural elemnts are were cool because they were based on ancient egypt magic and such. Everybody knows about ancient egypt, so it was always familiar to me. Now its all sci fi and plain boring. I would really like for them to kind reboot the anime and just set into a realistic every day slice of life setting again. GX was the best for me because it was aimed at kids and teens making me dream of a school where i have to actually play yugioh in order to pass my exams like that shit was the perfect day dreaming material when i was stressing about exams and such. The whole idea that you have 3 houses and you gotta climb up the ladder, living with your friends chilling out in the school yard was just sooo appealing damn it



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You know, magic in a real life setting is quite interesting. I never cared for anime, but I have to agree with what you said here. You bring up a valid point, and I'd like to relevantly deviate from the topic of your poast for a moment:
I have read Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series, which has its own universe and such, but I admit that I did wonder what kind of story could be told if the "magical" elements of that series (such as The One Power) were brought into a real life setting.

I think it just gives you more opportunity in letting you day dream for a bit. "what would i do if i had said powers in my life " etc. It feels grounded in reality which makes the experience more pleasurable